The world is changing very fast, specially technologically. In the early days of internet there was eCommerce, still it is. But things have changed a lot. In early days of eCommerce it was mostly single application running on the web. But with the revolution of smart devices (ie: smart phone), the trend is changing. These days people mostly do their day to day task including shopping with their smart phone, smart watch etc. Hence you have to adopt it to run your online business, otherwise you may loss huge number of your customers. Traditional eCommerce solutions are broken and build on top of old technologies. Besides tightly coupled frontend won't give you much flexibility on customiztion of your storefront. You have to look for specific domain expert to develop a solution on top of the platform, where you have to use their tools. On the other hand headless solution will give me more flexibility how you design you frontend and you can integrate multiple channel as per customers need. headless API's are also faster and secure than traditional eCommerce solutions.

Technology is expensive

Software development is an expensive process. You have to hire developers, project managers, QA's and most important time. Even sometimes it becomes impossible for small to medium companies, because of time and costing restrictions. If you think about developing your tech eco system from scratch that may kill lot of your money and time. So why not use already developed backend and integrate that with your frontend, which will save lots of your bucks?

Headless API

To give your customers best experience you have to bring your existence to all platforms including web, mobile, smart devices etc. And to do so you will need a highly performant backend system, where you can integrate your frontends without any hassle.

Your consumer could be from any platform ie: Android, iOS, Web, Smart phone, IoT devices and what not. But your data should come to a single place and should be in sync. Because maintaining data differently for different apps would be hectic and unmaintainable.


Shopemaa gives you a headless GraphQL based state of the art eCommerce API. Headless means the backend without any frontend (Head). So you gets the flexibility to integrate it with anything and you can build your frontend as you need. You will focus on your branding and business, where we will take care of you backend system.

  • Top level customisation and flexibility: With Shopemaa you can customize your frontend completely as per your need. Even with Shopify/Square space etc you have limitation about building the frontend as you have to follow their guideline. But with Shopemaa, there is no such restriction. You can build your frontend with your favourite frontend stack ie: React, Angular, VueJS, Flutter, Android, iOS etc.

  • Stay up-to-date: To keep sync with your customer, you have to change the frontend frequently. You can make changes to frontend whenever you want and deploy accordingly. You don't have to bother about backend.

  • Faster time to market: If you build your online store with traditional eCommerce store your development time will be much more and scaling will be hectic. With headless API you can integration multi-channel in a single platform, reduce development time and focus on business growth.

  • Developer friendly: Developers don't have to learn anything new, they can use their existing knowledge to use our API. Our GraphQL API also give you type safety. Developers can use their favourite frontend technology stack and integrate with our platform.

  • Payment gateway integration: Shopemaa provides integration with renowned payment service providers ie: Stripe. Your online transactions will be safe and secure. You will get the payment directly.

  • AI powered: Shopemaa provides AI powered recommendation engine and powerful AR features.

  • Modern technology: Shopemaa's GraphQL API is built on top of Golang which provides high performance.

In this way, a headless approach doesn’t just open up customization. It gives the company entirely new ways to sell at a fraction of the cost of a re-platforming project. And when you find a headless eCommerce option that suits your business, it’s easy to connect it to your favorite CMS to give your business the best of both worlds.