Do you know, In LiveMart you can get order notifications directly to your mobile through telegram? That means when someone will place an order in your store (website), you will get a notification straight to your mobile through telegram. So you don't need to check the store dashboard frequently to see if there is any new order.

Follow the bellow steps to enable LiveMart Telegram Alerts

Step 1: Create a telegram bot type secret

Login to LiveMart and goto Store Secrets.

Now copy the Telegram Bot key

Step 2: Download Telegram

Now visit the below link from your Mobile or PC. Before visiting the URL, please make sure that you have installed telegram on your device. Telegram Download.

LiveMart Alerts
You can contact @livemart_alerts_bot right away.

You will be landing on the below screen,

Step 3: Enable alerts

Now Start/Restart boot, Then send start the_key_generated_in_the_above_step

And Boo, You are subscribed to LiveMart alerts. Now if anyone places an order on your store, you will get a notification on telegram.

To unsubscribe, write stop your_telegram_bot_type_secret_key .

Have fun!!